Historic Pleasant Grove House

The Pleasant Grove House is located in Rescue California and was a point of exchange
on the Pony Express between 1860 and 1861.

- Built in 1850

- Originally had two barns that could
      accommodate 100 horses

- One of the barns had a dance floor upstairs

- A blacksmith shop

- Used as a way-station for travelers and, during
      the 1860-1861 run of the Pony Express

- Used as a station for riders to swap out their
California State Landmark No. 703

A marker designating Pleasant Grove House as California State Landmark No. 703 sits
in front of the house. Next to the landmark is a plaque placed in 1937 by the Native
Sons & Daughters of the Golden West. The plaque recognizes the house as the only
Pony Express relay station between Folsom and Placerville. Riders with the Central
Overland Pony Express exchanged their horses at the barn and continued westward to
Folsom or east to Placerville through Rescue, Dry Creek Crossing and Missouri Flat.
Pleasant Grove House