California Water Consulting, Inc. assists California clients by providing specialized professional strategic water resources planning and analysis services including the following:

     •  Water Supply – increasing the reliability and availability of water supply
     •  Project Operation – water resource project optimization studies
     •  Water Rights – technical analysis and water rights support
     •  Hydropower – analysis of modified and new projects
     •  FERC Licensing – pre- and post-licensing services

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About Us

California Water Consulting, Inc. is located in Rescue California and provides professional comprehensive strategic water resources planning and analysis services covering a wide variety of water resource projects including water supply, hydropower, conjunctive use, irrigation, and operation. We are skilled in all phases of planning and management of multi-disciplinary projects including economic, natural resources, water rights analysis, regulatory compliance, permitting, litigation technical support, settlement negotiations, water accounting, political, social, and administrative concerns relating to the use and conservation of water. We specialize in utilizing advanced technologies to understand water resources project operational, hydrology, hydraulics, and environmental factors, with interdisciplinary studies in economics, water law, and natural resource science to provide a “big picture” approach to water resources planning, analysis and management.

We apply professional planning techniques and technical water resource system analytical methodologies, with special attention to economic concepts, to conduct in-depth analysis that cross many disciplines and present findings to clients and stakeholders in concise, effective presentations. We are skilled at watershed modeling and developing tools necessary to communicate successfully with stakeholders and provide information required to make successful decisions.

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Our Services

California Water Consulting, Inc. focuses on innovative solutions to commercial and public policy problems, and serves as advisors on water related issues.  Our clients include water agencies, irrigation districts, cities, state agencies, power companies and project developers. California Water Consulting, Inc. offers assistance with water resources planning and analysis including:
           •  Strategic planning
           •  Settlement negotiation and agreement
           •  Preparation of public information
           •  Water supply analysis
           •  Water rights
           •  FERC applications for license
           •  Preparation of environmental documents
           •  Regulatory compliance
           •  Water availability analysis
           •  Surface water project operational modeling
           •  Hydroelectric generation analysis
           •  Water supply forecasting procedures
           •  Real-time water supply forecasting
           •  Watershed hydrology
           •  Climate change

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El Dorado Water & Power Authority - Project Website: Click Here
   1.  New water rights application with State Water Resources Control Board
   2.  Supplemental Water Rights Project
   3.  Water Right Water Availability Analysis
   4.  Water Right Environmental Impact Report (EIR)


El Dorado County Water Agency
   1.  General Engineering and Water Planning Services
   2.  New water right planning
   3.  Supplemental water supply project planning
   4.  County-wide hydroelectric project development plan


Southern California Edison Company                                        
   1.  Water Supply Forecast for annual operational water planning
   2.  Big Creek Hydroelectric Project water supply forecast procedure update

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El Dorado Irrigation District
   1.  General services
   2.  New hydroelectric project development plan
   3. Caples Lake Emergency Gate Replacement reservoir refill strategy development


Georgetown Divide Public Utility District
   1.  Water supply project operational/planning model development
   2.  Options to increase District water supply to meet projected increases in demand


American River Authority
   1.  Auburn Dam - Folsom South Unit, evaluation and status update analysis

Contact Us

Michael J. Preszler, P.E.
2871 Sierra Vista Road
Rescue, CA, 95672
Phone: (530) 676-8181
Cell: (530) 368-6343

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Allis-Chalmers Generator Green Creek - 1892

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